Ever since I picked up that point and shot camera more then 10 years ago I can’t stop taking pictures. It’s the ability to freeze the moment and showing the beautiful nature around us that keeps me motivated going out there day after day.

During the years I’ve gained great experience from landscape photography that I would happily share with you.

Maybe you feel that those camera manuals are so complicated and boring?

Or are you feeling frustrated with your camera? Too many dials to push and why does your photos not come out the same way as you experienced it on site?

There's no greater satisfaction in having the confidence to know that you can constantly take great photos.

Please feel free contacting me below if you have any questions about my images, my workshops or would just like to know more about landscape photography.

P.S A great resource to get you started is my FREE e-book that will guide you through 13 steps of how to improve your landscape photography.

Wish you all the best,

Jacek Oleksinski


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