My 5 favourite photography and outdoor podcasts

Recently I've found myself listening to podcasts more and more often. It's a great way of getting inspiration and entertainment in a longer format compared to for example Youtube videos. At the same time you have the possibility of doing other things like shopping, walking, cleaning while you listen to your favourite podcast. Here are my 5 tips in no particular order.

F-stop collaborate and listen

A podcast completely dedicated to landscape photography is of course a regularly consumed. Inspiring listening the stories of other photographers. A bit North America centric, but hopefully this will change in the future

Wild Ideas worth living

Shelby Stanger is a talented host who brings it a lot of interesting information from her guests. The podcast covers varies topics like surfing, mindfulness, how to write stories, photography and many more outdoor adventure stories.

The Togcast

Landscape photography podcast from the United Kingdom. A fairly new podcast that currently has managed to produce 62 episodes covering some of UK's most talented landscape photographers.

The candid frame

It's mostly focused on street photography, which is defiantly not my cup of tea. However Ibarionex Perello is a veteran podcaster and does an excellent job interviewing his subjects. This is definitely a well produced and informative podcast well worth your time even if your not into this genre of photography.

Travel with Rick Steves

Another long running podcast where Rick Steves interviews people from various locations around the world. Great inspiration for your next travel and of course photography.

Do you have any other podcasts to recommend? Drop a message below and let us all know